Thursday, September 10, 2009


I want to congratulate Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina. Finally, a representative with a spine. It was not the most appropriate time, but at least there was a representative willing to call a liar, a liar.

I will first state, if you believe that President Obama really cares about you and your health, please stop reading and don’t ever vote again. Seriously. Your brain is too small to comprehend reality anyway, so stop trying.

Now, about health care. Just because the plans don’t expressly state something, does not mean it will not happen or is not “in” there. Case in point, abortion will not be funded by federal tax money. It’s a lie. How can the government that has legalized abortion as a “medical” procedure, then say they won’t pay for it? If the bill doesn’t state that they will fund abortions, but how will they ensure that it won’t?

One of the biggest lies is that insurance companies already decide which procedures you can and cannot receive. LIE. This argument comes up because in the UK and Canada, the health care is set up so that if the government won’t pay for a procedure, you are not allowed to pay for the procedure. Let me rephrase that. It is ILLEGAL for you to pay for a procedure if the government will not pay for it. In the United States, if your insurance company will not pay for a procedure, you can still get the procedure. You may go broke, but at least you have the freedom to get the care you decide to get. That is the difference, freedom. So where would the Canadians and Europeans go if our system reflected theirs?

President Obama stated last night that a public option would have to be 100% self reliant upon premiums it collects. Sounds good right? Here’s where the details get in the way. What if the public option goes bankrupt in 5 years? They will be relying on the poorest Americans to pay the premiums to cover their costs. Again, they will be relying on the poorest Americans to pay the premiums to cover their costs. How will it NOT go bankrupt?? Will they just let it go or will they then start funding it with tax payer money? Will the government make it illegal for doctors to not accept public option patients? If so, how can private insurance companies guarantee they can force doctors to take the compensation the public option forces doctors to take? Why is a man that associates with communists and appoints avowed communist to his staff trying to explain how capitalism works? The President’s definition includes something like capitalism works only if private companies have to compete with the government. Really?

His plan to reduce costs is to stop inefficiencies and waste in a government program to fund another government program. Is there a brain out there small enough to believe that?

He also stated that he will require insurance companies to include additional services like cancer screening, etc, “at NO additional cost”. How is that possible. Again, He will require a private company to pay for additional services and receive no compensation? Are you listening?

I applaud you, Joe Wilson.

Up next, intelligence vs common sense (not a reference to Glenn Beck)

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